10-year-old Mexican girl with perfect IQ score of 162 aspires to colonize Mars


While Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein have always remained on the list of the smartest people ever born, the following discovery added another name to the list. Adhara Pérez Sánchez, a 10-year-old Mexican girl, is said to have exceeded the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the aforementioned geniuses. Apparently, the girl scored 162 points on her IQ test, two more than Einstein and Hawking.

According to a report by Star of the day, the high school student has already posed her project to become an astronaut and aims to colonize Mars. A subject of bullying earlier, she made her way in front of her peers after the space caught her interest. Although her goal requires a few years of patience, Sanchez has already enrolled in two degrees, including both systems engineering and industrial engineering, at a university in Mexico, sources reported.

According to media reports, Sanchez’s talent was recognized when she started learning to read at just three years old and solve puzzle pieces, and then learn algebra. Surprisingly, the ten-year-old used to spend time at home learning elements of the periodic table, according to media reports.

Smarter than Einstein and Hawking

Sanchez’s test proved that her IQ was two scores higher than theoretical physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who both scored 160. Media sources said she even had an education plan. unique because she had graduated from high school when she was only eight years old. In addition, the exceptionally intelligent young girl even lectured on black holes when she represented her university Universidad CNCI, at an event hosted by the Tijuana Institute of Art and Culture. The girl is currently considering admission to the University of Arizona, from where she intends to begin her journey for NASA’s space exploration programs.

Wonders like Sanchez

According to a 2017 report by The Independent, a An 11-year-old Indian boy named Arnav Sharma also scored 162 points on his IQ tests, which brought him to the level of scientific geniuses. In 2019, another Birmingham-based 10-year-old girl, Freya Mongotra, had a score of 162. People who take IQ tests must pass the benchmark score of 140 to qualify as “geniuses.”



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