10 toughest horror movie questions (and answers)


As the general population enters a horror renaissance, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen both a renewed interest in classic horror and new perspectives in contemporary horror. With so many horror movies to enjoy, it’s next to impossible to know everything about each one.

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This is where the trivia come in – the perfect way to find out all about the movies you haven’t seen, and even the movies you have. Most people have a rough knowledge of a lot of things – let’s see if that extends to horror movies!

ten Who was offered the role of Dr. Loomis before Donald Pleasence?

While many find it impossible to imagine anyone else playing the iconic role of Dr. Sam Loomis, Donald Pleasence wasn’t the first person to be offered the role. Instead, that honor went to award-winning actor Christopher Lee, who refuse the role when offered.

After that, Donald Pleasence gave a phenomenal and remarkably memorable performance as Dr. Loomis. Christopher Lee later said that turning down the role was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his entire career.

9 What perfume does Clarice Starling wear?

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When Clarice Starling comes to visit Dr Hannibal Lecter at Thesilenceofthelambs, they discuss how he has a strong and precise sense of smell. In fact, her smell is so strong that he tells her that he can smell that she is using Evian skin cream.

He also tells her that he can feel that she is wearing L’Air du Temps, but only sometimes. He is so good he can even say that today is not one of those times.

8 Who are the two actors of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed who first appeared in iconic horror films?

Matthieu Lillard screams

Live action Scooby doo movies – Scooby Doo, from 2002, and Scooby-Doo 2: Unleashed Monsters, from 2004 – are two of the funniest films of the Scooby doo cannon. Completely underrated and totally awesome, the second film also stars two iconic horror actors.

The former is the more obvious of the two: Matthew Lillard plays the role of Shaggy Rogers, but he also starred in the 1996s. Scream like Stu Macher. The second is less well known: Seth Green plays museum curator Patrick Wisely in Scooby-Doo 2: Unleashed Monsters, but he also played Richie Tozier in the 90s THIS.

7 What is the last name Leatherface?

Many are often surprised to learn that Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Wasn’t called Leatherface at birth, and that’s not her only name, like Madonna or Cher, either. When Tobe Hooper realized The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it doesn’t seem like he still has a name in mind, exactly, for Leatherface, especially since a canonical name doesn’t appear until later in the series.

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However, he named family members in the film – including Nubbins Sawyer (“The Hitchhiker”) and Drayton Sawyer (“The Owner”), resulting in Leatherface’s last name “Sawyer”.

6 How did Roy Scheider get the role of Martin Brody in Jaws?

There are countless rumors of other actors possibly playing Martin Brody, but, in the end, the role went to Roy Scheider, who made Brody the iconic role he is today. It was only a coincidence that Roy Scheider ended up in this lead role, however.

Turns out Roy Scheider was at a party when he heard Steven Spielberg talk about the scene in the movie where the shark jumps on the boat. As soon as he heard this, Roy Scheider went to Spielberg and immediately asked him for a role in the movie, and he got one. Not just any one either: the main role!

5 How Jack Nicholson pulled off the iconic “Here’s Johnny!” »Scene in The Shining?

There are a lot of iconic moments and anecdotes in and around the classic horror movie. The brilliant. This one, hopefully, you haven’t heard of before: a little trick about working stunts! How did Jack Nicholson pull off this iconic “This is Johnny!” scene, exactly?

They didn’t use a stuntman, an accessory holder, or even a fake ax. Because Jack Nicholson had actually been a volunteer firefighter and knew how to properly use an ax, they let him use a real ax on the false door. He then proceeded to destroy the false door at such a speed that they had to replace it with the real one, which he had too destroyed for the film.

4 How many people were set on fire during the filming of Night of the Living Dead?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is not zero. During filming Night of the living dead, no less than three people in total were set on fire on the set. In an attempt to make the zombie scenes more realistic, co-writer John A. Russo and actor Bill Hinzman were both literally light the fire.

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Hinzman even went the extra mile and poured lighter fluid on his suit so it could catch fire during the take. The third person to be set on fire actually happened by accident, when a crew member named Gary Streiner tried to add more gasoline to a propeller chair and ended up igniting in the process. .

3 How did Leigh Whannell stay underwater in Saw?

Leigh Whannell, who wrote and created Seen with James Wan, also stars in more than one of the films of the Seen franchise as a character named Adam Stanheight. The film opens with Adam waking up underwater in a bathtub, in a scene that was actually the very first scene shot for the film.

But how did Leigh Whannell stay underwater? He actually performed his own stunt and a team member stood on his chest to keep him underwater for the shot.

2 What did Alfred Hitchcock do to control views of Psycho?

Alfred Hitchcock was not only known as a phenomenal director, but also as a controlling creator, and he wanted a very specific format for viewers to see. psychopath for the first time in the cinema. To make sure people would be in the theaters when the movie started, he had a record made by the studio to play in movie theaters before the movie, which would tell audiences how much time was left before the movie started.

He had also made cardboard cutouts of himself showing his watch; the attached placards read: “The director of this theater has been ordered, risking his life, not to admit anyone into the theater after the film has started. Any untimely attempt to enter through side doors, fire escapes or ventilation shafts will be forcibly repelled. The whole purpose of this extraordinary policy, of course, is to help you get more out of PSYCHO. Alfred Hitchcock. He would not let anyone attend viewings of psychopath after they started, neither!

1 What does Regan say to the astronaut at his mother’s party?

Linda Blair as Regan in The Exorcist

In The Exorcist, when Regan becomes possessed by the demon Pazuzu, she begins to slowly deteriorate due to the demon’s influence on her mind. One of the most shocking moments at the start of the film is when Regan walks down the stairs during her mother’s party and watches the guests gathered around the piano.

She then looks up at the astronaut who is attending the party and says to him: “You are going to die up there”, before peeing on the floor and her mother takes her to take a bath upstairs. Disturbing.

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