10 hardest questions about Disney parks (and their answers)


Disney Parks are the most magical places on the planet, it is common knowledge. Walking through their doors is like stepping into your own personal Disney movie, with colorful characters and the joy they bring. What may not be common knowledge is how many tasty trivial treats the fandom has amassed over the decades.

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Any theme park enthusiast will no doubt have dozens of technical questions behind the house Walt built, but, for the real puzzles, take a look at some of these dilemmas regarding parks, attractions, and the gargantuan quantity. of magic that will bring them to life.

ten How many Mickeys are there on each Disney property?

Although the company has not released a definitive answer to this question, Disney said the parks contain at least 1,000 Mickeys hidden on park property. Three circles in the shape of a Mickey’s head are a symbol that many people recognize in milliseconds, so why not make it an activity? From hotels to theme parks, Mickey’s has been everything from topiaries to paint splatters, he’s nothing if he’s not adaptable.

9 How many countries are there in the global showcase?

The main attraction at Disney’s Epcot, aside from the fabulous Food and Wine Festival, has to be the World Showcase. Home to eleven different countries from around the world, fans and guests can travel the planet in an entire afternoon if they wish.

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With nations and exhibits from all continents, there is no shortage of ways to spend a day exploring and learning about different cultures.

8 What are the names of the hitchhiking ghosts?

When taking a detour into the Realms of the Supernatural at Disney’s Haunted Mansion, fans should always beware of hitchhiking ghosts, as these three wandering specters will follow guests for a little ride. Phineas (the traveler), Ezra (the skeleton) and Gus (the prisoner) are the attraction’s main mascots and are frequently seen in promotional material and merchandise at the mansion. Who wouldn’t want to bring these guys home?

7 Who is Jolly Roger?

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction has seen a lot of changes in its day, speaking of you, Redd. But, if there’s one thing about the original pull that made a big and glorious comeback, it’s Jolly Roger.

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For those unfamiliar with the Pirate Code, Jolly Roger was the talking skull that uttered the phrase “dead men don’t tell stories”. He was replaced by characters from the film series, but he has since returned to his post on the merry-go-round.

6 Which character hosts the wizards of the magic kingdom?

If guests haven’t played the Magic Kingdom Trading Card Game, this is a great way to see the little things that are often overlooked in the park. Don’t let the game title mislead the answer; As familiar as the star and moon motif may be, Mickey is a little too busy meeting and greeting fans to run this game. Luckily, Merlin the Magician is there to lend a few quips and spells to keep the game safe. kingdom of the claws of Hades.

5 Where’s Walt’s office?

True fans know that Walt Disney was a very practical guy when it came to his passionate projects, and Disneyland was the magnum opus. Walt was so involved with the park after it opened that he even had his own office space right above the Main Street Fire Station in Disneyland.

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If the window light was on, it means the boss was in-house. Now, the lamp shines permanently in memory of the founder of Disney.

4 How are cast iron doors hidden?

There are dozens and dozens of secret passageways, utility gates, and hidden entrances throughout the park, but they aren’t as hidden as you might think. In fact, many are right in front of the guests’ eyes, they just don’t know it.

Thanks to a special paint color called “Go Away Green”, the color is so boring to the human brain that the organ rejects its visual existence. Maybe Disney has some mind-controlled fans …

3 Who is Jingles and where is she?

If we have seen Save Mr. Banks, so they already know Lilian Disney’s precious courier on the King Arthur Carousel. That being said, she is still a familiar face among professional park enthusiasts.

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Jingles is the lead horse in the Disneyland carousel, recognizable by its golden bells hanging from its saddle. Known as “Walt’s Favorite” to fans, Jingles has been something of a Disney Easter Egg that true Disney fanatics adore.

2 What was “the Florida Project?” “

Walt Disney and Disneyland Card

Walt Disney was undoubtedly an ambitious man. After the construction of Disneyland in California, plans for a second park project on the east coast were left to development. Walt envisioned a community of the future that would display the innovations and inventions of the days to come. “The Florida Project” became the basis of Epcot, which quickly became Walt Disney World in Florida.

1 What does “Black Sunday” mean?

If anyone was a Disney fantasy in the 1950s, they would know the infamous July 17, 1955, known to Disney as “Black Sunday”. It was Disneyland’s first day of operations, and almost everything went wrong. From a seven mile traffic jam to melting concrete in sunny California, it was by far the “happiest place on Earth.” Fortunately, Disney recovered and the park quickly ran like clockwork.

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