10 common job interview questions you’ll be asked in 2021


You can expect to encounter these questions at your next job interview. (Source: Getty)

“Tell me about you.”

It’s one of the most common questions you’ll run into in a job interview – and it won’t go away any time soon, a new survey has revealed.

According to a survey by CV Zety’s website of over 500 hiring managers and 1,000 workers, you are more likely than not to answer this open-ended question, which is preferred by 60% of interviewers.

The second most asked question in job interviews is also well known: “Tell me about a challenge or conflict you faced at work and how you handled it”.

Hiring managers also want to know what you’re good at, with, “What are your greatest strengths? The third most common interview question.

Other frequently asked questions include: “How did you hear about this job?” “What are your biggest weaknesses?” and an example of a time when you have demonstrated leadership skills.

Hiring managers also want to know why you left your current job, as well as when you made a mistake.

(Source: Zety)

(Source: Zety)

Job applicants also confirmed these most asked questions, with 94 percent saying they had been asked to ‘tell me about yourself’.

Most of them were also asked what their greatest strengths (91%) were or how they cope with a challenge or conflict at work (82%).

Why are these questions so popular?

There’s one pattern that doesn’t change: most common interview questions are open-ended and start with “Tell me about”.

According to Indeed, open-ended questions are used to determine a potential new hire’s experience and abilities – and how you answer these questions will say a lot about you.

“Many employers ask open ended questions to better understand the thought process and the candidate’s personality. These questions can also reveal whether candidates have enough experience and qualifications for a specific position by explaining how they apply their knowledge and skills, ”said Indeed’s career guide.

“The ability to answer open-ended interview questions in a detailed and thoughtful manner can show off your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. “

But that’s also exactly why candidates find these questions so difficult, too – but the fact that there is no “right” answer can be an advantage, providing flexibility.

“An ideal response will show that the candidate is ideal for the vacant position and will highlight their previous experience in similar roles. “

The best way to answer these questions

Career expert Zety Jacques Buffett also noted that you should respond in as much detail as possible.

“Answer in more detail, using stories, examples and lists,” he said. “Even if the question is more closed, elaborate and explain.

“For example, don’t just say you like a particular type of work environment, explain why and how that makes you more productive and a better contributor to your potential employer.”

Open ended questions can be answered with a very structured approach, said Buffett, explaining the problem; explain the solution; and demonstrating how your solution has benefited the employer.

And just as an interview is an opportunity for employers to search for potential employees, job applicants should also be prepared with their own questions to ask.

In fact, not asking questions is a bad sign. “Asking questions at the end of the interview is another opportunity for you to impress,” said Nick Deligiannis, managing director of recruitment firm Hays. Yahoo finance.

“On the other hand, not asking any questions makes you seem disinterested. Bad questions, like asking only “How long is the trial period?” “Or” How many days of vacation do I have? Don’t impress either.

“You want to ask a question that helps the other person visualize in their mind that you are doing the job well. “

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